Change Is Coming - Chaos Log 01

The thing about change is, sometimes its imminent, sometimes its inevitable but almost always, change is just damn hard.

Today was all about change. Let me tell you about it.

Today was the day I joined BIGSEO as their new CEO. BIGSEO is a young online marketing agency, founded by my friend Romuald. That is all I knew. Sure, I knew a couple of guys that work their from previous encounters – but really, I did not know what I had to expect.

In fact, let’s list all the things I do know about it:

  • it is a 2 year old online marketing agency in Barcelona
  • they do the SEO for GetYourHero, my online startup
  • Pablo, a friend of mine works there and tells me how great things are going
  • from what I have heard they must be one of the fasted growing and most innovative SEO agencies in Spain, maybe Europe
  • Romuald is a SEO guru
  • and its chaos over there.

How do I know its chaos over there? Well, for starters Pablo just wrote me this email a couple of days ago:

chaos company

Sounds like fun, right? That is what I thought.

You know what would be even more fun? To record the whole journey from day number one. So, that is exactly what I am going to do!

Re-live the decisions as I take them and evaluate the impact on the company yourself. Gain valuable insights into an operating agency as you have probably never seen them before as I try to be as transparent as running a business allows me to be. I want to create a format that offers a look behind the curtain of the day-to-day madness and shows you management tools, methods and strategies in action. I post short, easy to digest diary-like posts and extend them from time to time with in-depth articles on areas I deem interesting and useful.

Follow me on this very real experience and witness how I turn this energetic but unorganized startup into a profitable business. Do I know that this is going to work? Hell no, but at least like this you have a good story to read and can learn from the wins and failures I am about to encounter.

So, what is left to say? Well, we probably should give this diary a name. How about chaos log? Let’s stick with that for now.