How to be more productive

There are countless ways to get more productive. But there are also almost as many online guides that claim to boost your productivity by 250% or what more. I never was a fan of such promises. How could you even measure that?

Instead, I give you hands-on, directly applicable pieces of advice, tools and methods that help you to get things done quicker, work more efficient or simply get you through phases of procrastination. The following list contains blog articles, eBooks and tools I put together.

> Articles that help you increase your productivity
> Tools & techniques for productivity improvement

Articles that help you to increase your productivity

Start here. If you are tapping into the world of productivity boosts, this blog article section is the right place to start.

  • How to finally finish what you start. One of the most frustrating things I encountered is starting something new but losing motivation half way through. This short essay helps you to finish what you start. So if you struggle seeing a project through, this blog article is for you.
  • Why you should always cook by the recipe. Everybody hates doing repetitive tasks. Well, at least I do. So I assume you do to. So I try to automate and optimize every step in order to shorten the time I have to work on it. Once I have done that, I put the workflows into recipes. This allows me to go back to tasks and replicate the results. Also very valuable to conserve knowledge within your team.
  • 10 ways to supercharge email. Email maybe 40 years old but still one of the most used tools of communication. I show you how to boost your inbox so it will server as the single most important tool in your business toolbox.

Tools & techniques for productivity improvement


  • Get my free ebook on how to tackle the three biggest obstacles in time- and project management. Eliminating those barriers is a critical first step in building a framework that allows you to get things done more efficiently.

Free Tools

Gmail is (next to my calendar), the number one tool I use every day. With those handy extensions you can super-charge your Gmail account. I literally save hours every day using those apps.

  • Rapportive Chrome Extension is the number one tool to find relevant information about almost everyone you know (and don’t know). It renders Linkedin, Twitter and other social media information and displays them right in your Gmail account. Like this you know who you are talking too. This tool saves me tones of time while discovering new business opportunities.
  • FindThatLead is the twin brother of Rapportive. It helps you find almost everyone’s email address. This tool is gold when it comes to reaching out to people outside of my network.
  • Streak sets your Gmail on fire. In a good way of course. It comes with a whole suite of features, such as email snoozing, delayed email, email tracking (how do other people live without that?) and automated snippet creation. On top of that it turns your Gmail account into a handy CRM.

When it comes to task management tools I tried almost every tool on the market. In an act of reducing the numbers of apps I use, I ditched every single one but this two:

  • Trello is the todo list of the 21st century. It helps me organize my tasks, set deadlines, follow up on subtasks, track the work I delegated to other people and much more. I built my first company solely with Trello as my project management tool.
  • Elegantt adds even more functionality to Trello, namely Gantt-Charts. Extremely handy when it comes to team coordination.

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