Results of the financial audit – Chaos Log 03

The results are in! As you know, I had a closer look at BIGSEO to understand what this company is made off. So today I want to share some of the insights of the financial audit. I tried to keep the post as short and non-technical as possible, as I...

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10 ways to supercharge email

This is an homage to the good old email – still my preferred way to conduct business. I show you my top 10 tricks and add ons that boost my inbox, thus significantly improving my productivity. Is email still relevant? Short answer: yes –...

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company audit 101

What is actually going on here? – Chaos Log 02

When I accepted to run BIGSEO a couple of weeks earlier, I didn’t base my decision on hard facts. I went with my gut. I knew Romuald, and liked his different approach to entrepreneurship. With any other company I would have done a brief due...

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Change is coming- Chaos Log 01

The thing about change is, sometimes its imminent, sometimes its inevitable but almost always, change is just damn hard. Today was all about change. Let me tell you about it. Today was the day I joined BIGSEO as their new CEO. BIGSEO is a young...

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Find product market fit

Learn how to build what your customers really want

The final part of this short introduction to startup life is dedicated to the most important tangentiale asset of your organisation: your product. Before we dive into that and discover a simple yet highly efficient way to actually know what your...

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company guidebooks to standardize processes

Why you should always cook by the recipe

Most of the time, when I cook I improvise. I have a general idea what I want to eat, but mostly I decide spontaneously what ingredients I throw into the pan. A bit of roasted dates here and a hint of vanilla there. Wonderful. I see recipes as a...

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Before you can scale up your ogranisation you have to improve your internal processes

The value of process improvement for scaling up your startup

Today I want to dig a bit deeper into the topic of performance tracking and improvement of both, your processes and your team. Before we start, lets recap the 3 learnings from the first part: Founding team: Starting with a skill-diversified founding...

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How to build a company from scratch

The 10 most important things I learned, while building my first startup – Part 1

I was finishing up one of those overpriced fruit smoothie at the Cosmo Bar Barcelona and thought: “You can’t really effort this pseudo-healthy hipster drink anymore. It is time to switch to water again”. Just one more week. If we...

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Mobile is everything

My top 3 take aways from the MWC in Barcelona 2016

So it’s that time of the year again. Almost 100.000 tech-enthusiasts from all over the world fly to Barcelona and turn the catalan capital into the hottest city for a week even though it is just February. The cities metro is even more crowded than...

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time and project management. finish what you start

How to finally finish what you start (and the reason you normally don’t)

If you are like me, you also have a drawer filled with unfinished projects. Everybody knows this drawer, everybody has one of his own and everyone hates it: the drawer of dead ideas. And time after time again projects seem to follow the same path and...

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startup software engineer

7 Steps to Find the Right Software Developer for Your Startup

Software is eating the world and software developers are in higher demand than ever before. Following, companies and startups don’t chose their rockstar developers anymore but rather get chosen by them. Although, in recent years, the number of...

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