Work with me!

I want to share my knowledge and hope to help, motivate and guide young and seasoned entrepreneurs alike. If this sounds like you, we should probably connect.

I have listed a couple of ways how you can access my knowledge, ranging from those that require the least investment to those that require the most.

  1. Search my site. This page is a constantly growing repository of posts, eBooks and reports around startups, how to build teams, streamline organisations, improve workflows, scale companies and run profitable businesses on a day-to-day basis. Use the search bar in the top right corner to find what you are looking for.
  2. Subscribe to my newsletter. I try to publish two to three times a week. By subscribing to my newsletter you get the newest posts straight to your inbox and never miss a post again. Learn more
  3. Book me as a speaker. I have been publicly speaking on startup events, corporate events and conferences over the past years. Contact me at me [at] for more details.
  4. Hire me as a personal coach. I love working personally with highly ambitious founders and entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, I only have limited time available for it and charge somewhat crazy high fees for it. Email me if you feel like you could profit form it.
  5. Let me advice you on your digital strategy. I give strategic consulting to entrepreneurs and startups concerning fund raising, digital strategy, user growth and product development. Write me at me [at] for more details.

If you have something else in mind feel free to email me.